Memory Pollution


Memory Pollution is a multi-channel sound piece exploring the relationship between memory and space in the era of social distancing. Created during the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is accompanied by a 3D render visualising its ideal installation conditions.

How are social distancing measures shifting our relationship with home? Memory Pollution contains recordings of everyday activities collected around my house during lockdown, which are triggered at random by Ableton and played through speakers in different parts of the room. Through the use of randomisation in its arrangement, the sound piece seems to be constantly repeating itself, yet the order of the samples played is never the same - it thus emulates the experience of lockdown, where each day is different, and yet feels the same as any other. If memories had a physical presence, how cluttered with them would our homes be?


Here is one of many possible combinations
of the samples being triggered at random:

The audio was created using techniques I learned during the KitMapper multi-channel sound masterclass, part of the On the Face of it, At the Heart of it. Matt Carter + Alpha (A - - - Z), Vivienne Griffin and Barney Kass exhibition in South Kiosk, Peckham.

© Juliusz Grabianski 2021