screen print grid



The project is a series of screen prints of raw meat and animal produce on paper and plywood. There are no editions - all the prints use inks in slightly different hues, allowing for small inconsistencies and making each copy a unique object, therefore breaking free from printmaking tradition.

The work is hand printed using a four-colour CMYK halftone process, in which small dots in four different colours create an optical illusion of a full colour spectrum. However viewed from up close the illusion disappears, puncturing the façade of reality; we become aware of the representational aspect of what is portrayed as the medium used makes itself present. Halftone dot pattern breaks the image open and allows for a shift in colour and hue; fluorescent red replaces black in some of the prints, other have a yellow or blue overcast.

The images are intended to be installed on a large scale and repeated in a grid, taking up space and demanding attention.


© Juliusz Grabianski 2021